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April 26, 2010
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Something new =)

This is the cover I did for the upcoming german book "Maylea- Seherin des Jenseits" by Samhain & Beltane Publishing.
Sorry for the watermarks but you know..some people still just dont get it :rolleye:

Its just a part of the frontcover illustration, hence the strange format.

Reference used / Photoshop CS2 / Cintiq 21


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

DO NOT TAKE THIS, not on your blog not even for showing how "oh so great you find it" etc.!
If you like it show some respect to the artist and comment on their homepages /galleries - damit!
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PeppermintStick Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
Beautiful!!! I sitll will never understand how you are able to paint skin like that!! So soft and realistic. And the strands of hairs are a lovely touch too. Gorgeous necklace :heart:
Aruyinn Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you =) Oh my its really nothing special. It s just alot of blending and a good use of the airbrush brush.
fantasio Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
first of, congratz for this cover-gig, it seems like a lot of fun, and from what I can see this is technically flawless!

From the composition the image has a nice flow, leads the viewer without distraction through the arms to the lovely eyes, which grab the attention for a while (for a very good reason) and then the flow leads the eyes over to the gem, a mystical floating brooch, where the eye did rest a little moment before it goes up to the skull in the background sky, which gives the whole "fantasy-cliché" motif a wholly darker touch.

All in all this is conceptually and technically flawless, there are 2 little nitpicks which I´d consider "slip of the pen" and since its a commission, its often the art-direction that leads to such little flaws. But since I do book covers for a while now, this is something that popped into my eyes directly: the moon is too near to the skull, this could unintentional and from a distance seen as a mickey mouse-ear.

(I know its possible that the layout covers this with big letters, so it may be not visible on the printed cover)

Nothing to worry about, even "professional photographers" do that mickey mouse ears sometimes, like: [link] ;-)

The second little nitpick is the lighting difference from the girl compared to the darkness of the background, this would imply an electric light-source, which in a (first impression is a fantasy novel) medieval world would not be possible, or better said : it lessens the believability of a medieval setting a little, which is pity, since its technically great.

Bitte nicht hauen, aber Du hast gesagt, also habbich gemacht;-)
Aruyinn Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks alot =) Though I m not feeling to answer in english today - sorry folks.

Oh mein Gott.. ich hab mir zwar die ganze Zeit gedacht .. mhhhh irgendwie sagt mir der Mond so nicht wirklich zu.. aber da hat mans mal wieder- totale Blindheit bis man mit der Nase drauf gestumpt wird. Micky Mouse Schädel.. ja jaaaa ich sehs jetzt leider auch *schmunzel*
Zum Glück kommt da der Titel mit drüber, daran muss ich unbedingt denken (Gestalte auch den Text noch dazu)
Danke für den Link, hat mich besser fühlen lassen und ich hab erstmal herzlich gelacht.

Hmmm ich sehe was Du meinst, ja. *nuschel* Ich steh ja total auf diese Art Licht *nuschel* Das zieht sich auch mit rüber ins Rückcover welches aus einem Friedhof besteht.
Wobei es tatsächlich in unserer Zeit spielt. Da ist durch das Kleid dieser "Stilbruch" drin.

Hey dankeschön, nein ich hau dich bestimmt nicht =) Freut mich total das Du dir die Zeit genommen hast. Beim nächsten Mal werd ich im Vorfeld noch mehr drauf achten, ich lass mich viel zu schnell zum malen hinreissen- ganz unpraktische Angewohnheit.
fantasio Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
is ja nicht so schlimm, wie gesagt, solange da ja noch schrift drüber kommt;-)
Ist ja auch nix einzuwenden gegen das licht, ganz ehrlich da wird nie einer was gegen sagen, nur wenn man sich selbst sehr stark damit beschäftigt fällt einem das auf, wo wir wieder beim thema sind -das beim schreiben von kritik , man selbst am meisten lernt:nod:

Ansosnten immer wieder gerne, sofern es die zeit zulässt!
hahahax Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
it is so so pretty
the only critic I have is that she could have more hair .. it looks a little empty
somersetholmes Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
Gorgeous work, Alexandra, beautifully detailed and your colours are superb! :hug:
CNZ19 Featured By Owner May 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
mir fehlen die Worte :)
ChrisGallagher Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
bloody lovely
Shadowbrooke Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Hello, your lovely work is featured in my journal. Hope it's all right and thanks for your art!! :butterfly: :rose:

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